Dalda Vanaspati jaanchparakhlo

Dalda Vanaspati jaanchparakhlo Dalda Vanaspati jaanchparakhlo
Explore what makes Dalda a trust of
every Indian mother
Sanjeev Kapoor Recommends

India’s Kitchen King - Sanjeev Kapoor, trusts and recommends Trans Fat Free Dalda Vanaspati’s taste and legacy. From adding richness to the festive mithai to being the reliable medium for everyday ‘ghar ka khaana’ and snacks, Trans Fat Free Dalda Vanaspati has ensured sumptuous, tasty meals for generations while maintaining the high-quality standards.

Trans-Fats in Dalda Vanaspati

Dalda Vanaspati is Trans Fats Free and it has always been in accordance and following the strict guidelines laid down by FSSAI guidelines.


Is Dalda Vanaspati 100% Vegetarian?

Trans Fat Free Dalda Vanaspati observes multiple checks and measures for the highest standards of quality, ensuring that it is free from any adulteration and made from vegetable oils. The green dot on the packs denotes that it is 100% vegetarian.

Concerned about your health using Dalda Vanaspati?

Dalda Vanaspati is completely Trans Fat Free hence delivering taste with health. Trans Fats are known to increase the risk of Coronary Heart disease and Dalda Vanaspati is trans fat free.

Nutritional Aspects of Dalda Vanaspati

Vitamin A, known to improve eyesight, and Vitamin D, known to strengthen bones; both are present in Trans Fat Free Dalda Vanaspati, making it a nutritious cooking medium.