A Lineage of Purity*
This is only a brand name or trademark and does not represent its true nature.
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Dalda Vanaspati

Dalda Vanaspati has been a trusted companion in our kitchen known for its flavor, taste and richness. In India, Dalda was one of the first brands to be advertised. Its legacy beholds several memories of the past and its distinguished yellow and green packaging, which remained virtually unchanged for decades, has since become an iconic brand property.

Available in :

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1 L
  • 2 L
  • 5 L
  • 15 L
Evolution of Vanaspati
Early 1920s


Dutch traders brought hydrogenated vegetable fat to India, which proved to be a success in Indian markets.

Between 1920s to 1937


Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company (present day Hindustan Unilever Limited) set up a factory in Sewri (today’s Greater Mumbai)

1937 to 1947

Making of the Brand

Dalda Vanaspati was originally imported by the Dutch Company, Dada & Co. The brand was later acquired by Hindustan Lever and to establish their ownership, an ‘L’ standing for ‘Lever’ was added to its name making it Dalda. In time, Dalda gained so much popularity and its name became synonymous with Vanaspati.

1947 to 2002

Marketing the Brand

In order to market the usage of Dalda, various marketing initiatives were taken. One of them was setting up stalls at popular places to provide people a first-hand insight. For instance, at a stall outside Novelty Cinema, people could experience Dalda through 3 senses – smell, feel, and taste. This hands-on approach at the grassroots level went a long way to make Dalda a household name.
Soon enough, Dalda’s yellow tin featuring the green date palm tree became a common sight in Indian kitchens. The tree symbolizes purity*, and Dalda became known as a product that maintained sumptuous taste.


Growing the Family

In 2003, the global agro-business giant, Bunge Ltd. bought the Dalda brand. Since then, Dalda has also introduced a range of edible oils into its product portfolio, under the name - ‘Dalda Oils’. However, with its rich history and glory, Dalda Vanaspati continues to be a popular name in Indian households and still rules the minds of Indian consumers.

Current Days

Revamping the Brand

Over the years, Dalda Vanaspati has undergone various innovations & changes to manufacture a premium quality product. The decades of consistent efforts have ensured less than 5% Trans Fatty Acid levels, as on day. Dalda has been maintaining the highest quality by meeting the regulations set by the FSSAI and FSSC 22000 standards.
The glory of Dalda Vanaspati’s innate goodness and trust continues.

Early 1920s
Current Days

As Dalda Vanaspati served millions of families with goodness and taste every day, its relationship with Indian households has with stood the test of times. With changing times, your own Dalda Vanaspati has also evolved to serve you and your family with the perfect combination of taste and value.

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