Grilled Fish Cubes with Mexican Salsa

Ingredients Checklist

400gms Bassa Fish cubes
1 tbsp Garlic paste
1/2 Lemon juice
to taste Salt
to dust Flour
60ml Oil
1no (chopped) Tomato
½ (chopped) Onions
2 tsp (chopped) Jalapeno
½ (deseeded and chopped) Cucumber
1/2 Lemon juice
1 tbsp Ketchup
to taste Salt
to taste Black crushed pepper
1 tbsp Fresh coriander

Method of Preparation

  1. Marinate the fish with the garlic paste, lemon juice and salt.
  2. Mix all the ingredients mentioned for the salsa and chill.
  3. Dust the fish with flour and Pan fry for 3 to 4 minutes each side.
  4. Serve in a platter with the salsa as a base and place the hot fish cubes on top.
  5. Garnish with fresh coriander