Corn Cheese Balls

Ingredients Checklist

100 gms Golden corn (boiled)
400 gms Potato (boiled)
2 tbsp Coriander chopped
To taste Salt
3 cubes (cut into smaller cubes) Cheddar or processed cheese
Sliced Jalapeno

For the coating

1 nos Egg wash
To coat Bread crumb

Method of Preparation

  1. Mash the boiled potato. Add the golden corn, salt and the coriander. Mix well. Make 15 equal sized balls.
  2. Flatten on your palm. Place the cube of cheese and the jalapeno in the centre.
  3. Make it a round ball again covering the cheese and jalapeno.
  4. Beat the egg. Dip the balls in the egg and coat with the bread crumb and deep fry.